Hello world!

Hello welcome to my new website, i know i promised i’d have this updated 6 months ago – but you know what life is like – you’ve got to grab things by the hand and take the opportunities that life throws at you, and life in the last 6 months was throwing me stuff that meant that i couldn’t update me website but here it is now!

Thanks for checking out me site – and if you get a chance to see one of my up coming shows then definitly come and say hello or send me an email, via my hotmail, Patrickjmonahan@hotmail.com,

or via faceboook (www.facebook.com/patrickjmonahan)

or via twitter (www.twitter.com/patrickjmonahan)

or by another method that you prefer which you reckon i will see! even coloured pebbles with hidden notes is always lovely!

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