Patrick is in great demand on the corporate circuit due to his clean and accessible ‘everyman’ material. He is highly skilled at working the room and entertaining large groups with stand up or working off script and auto-cue presenting awards.

Corporate Clients include:

  • Powwownow/ Via-Vox Ltd The Longest Ever 3-way Conference Call (2010) 24 hour non-stop telephone call, streamed on Interweb
  • ‘Fusion Insurance’ HOST & Stand up
  • ‘Nuts Awards’ Host & Stand up
  • ‘Halifax’ After dinner stand up
  • SEB (Swedish Bank) Luxembourg 150 yr anniversary party HOST & Stand up
  • Schering-Plough’ Pharmaceutical Company Christmas show HOST & Stand up
  • KPMG Christmas Show Luxembourg HOST & Stand up
  • Capital One (credit cards) lunchtime road shows HOST & Stand up
  • Roses Advertising Awards HOST & Stand up
  • JJB Sports Christmas Conference HOST & Stand up
  • 3G Mobile phones HOST & Stand up
  • Volvo 3 Day event HOST & Stand up
  • South Yorkshire Property Awards Stand Up
  • Northern Ireand Dealmakers Awards Stand Up
  • National Tyre Distributors Association Stand Up
  • Brintex Stand Up
  • Incisive Media/ Best Bank Awards Stand Up and Presenting
  • Incisive Media/Equity Release Awards Stand Up and Presenting
  • Incisive Media/Structured Products Europe Awards Stand Up and Presenting
  • Butchers Shop Of The Year Awards Stand Up