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Book shelf’s in Real life Versus Book shelf’s in Zoom Life during lockdown

You remember that time when people never used to zoom live into each other’s houses & secretly check out their shelf’s. it’s Real life V’s Zoom life. Who wins, you decide?

‘Gardening - all the rage’ by Nell Brennan

Gardening, all the rage by actress, writer & performer Nell Brennan.

Edinburgh Festival 2019 trailer advert

Edinburgh festival advert for patrick monahan's 2019 "started from the bottom, now im here" show

BBC’s Normal People, a great drama, but what it would look like without the sex scenes!

Comedian Patrick Monahan shows what BBC’s brilliant drama ‘Normal People’ would look like if all the sex scenes were edited out.

Lockdown in 2020 versus Lockdown in 1960, 1970 & 1990

Comedian patrick monahan shows what life is like in 2020 during lockdown compared to what lockdown would be like for people in 1960, 1970 and 1990!