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‘Donald Trump The loser’ written & performed by actress Nell Brennan

Excellent new performance written by actress, star of stage & screen, Nell Brennan, all about Donald Trump.

Monahan Vents - Jeff Bezos Amazon

It’s the latest episode in the series from stand up comedian Patrick Monahan, as he sits down and vents on recent events. This one is all about the billions of dollars that Jeff Bezos & Amazon earned in one day in July 2020.

Monahan Vents on recent events - Joe Wickes

Latest episode in stand up comedian Patrick monahan sits down and vents on recent events. This episode is all about the nations sweetheart Joe Wickes who has kept the nation exercising during lockdown.

“Heart of Hearts” written & performed by actor Nell Brennan

A brand new piece written & performed by highly acclaimed actor, writer & performer Nell Brennan.

Monahan Vents - anti mask protest

Latest episode from Stand up comedian who sits down on “monahan vents on recent events”. This episode is all about the anti mask protest in Hyde park in London in July 2020.